Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Happy 6 months Akhmal! ~Officially~

Amyrul Akhmal Bin Azmi.
He was born on 27th of April 2015, Monday at 12.20am. 
His weight on his born day was 3.87kg!
Yeah, a BIG present for me and hubby!
He is very happy baby boy with a big mouth and eyes. 
He loves "Ummi's Milk" so much! 
He drink every time he needs. 
He always laughing when i and hubby made a jokes. 
Such a good and funny boy! 
Never make me felt down cause I borrow his spirit to continue my breastfeeding journey!
Just because of his needs, i'm fear no more.
I always want to be at his side.

Ummi, Babah and Abang Arsyad love you from moon to the back!

Happy 6 month Amyrul Akhmal!

Nota : maaf, kalau Bahasa Inggeris saya tidak elok, saya hanya mencuba. Boleh betulkan kalau salah. Terima kasih.

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uncle gedek said...

Oh? ada ug officially pulak?

yg un official..?

hehe ! Tahniah!

!!Jom Tambah Pendapatan!!